Connecting the Donation Generation

Connecting the Donation Generation

In an internet age, Millennials are ever more connected to their mobile devices. With 65% of under 35s looking at their phone within five minutes of waking, while the average UK adult checks their phone every 12 minutes. This, therefore, provides a valuable way to reach out to millennials. Consequently, they are receiving hundreds of notifications and emails each day. With all this distraction comes more selective attention; meaning charities and non-profits need to learn how to stand out, so how can they do this?

Reaching out to Millenials…

After researching we found three main areas; 1. Stimulating Content 2. Placement and Timing 3. Compelling Narrative.

i) Stimulating Content

Immediately, it seems as though attention spans are decreasing hence outreach efforts are becoming a lost cause. However, attention spans are not getting shorter; they are getting choosier. Given our information heavy, time short world, if it’s a choice between reading a 2-page article or a less embellished infographic or animation, it makes sense to choose the latter. Infographics and animations can be consumed in those 5 minute gaps we have when waiting for a friend or a train and do not take too much cognitive time all while allowing for new information to be processed.

ii) Placement and Timing

Outreaching at the right time is no less valuable than before media existed. A salesperson wouldn’t knock at 6am when everyone was asleep nor would they call at 11am when all house members were out. Knowing when the best times and locations to outreach for your business are and forming an outreach strategy based on this is vitally important to get audiences attention. For example, people are not scrolling through Instagram during working hours but on the train home, they very may well be. It is important to look at company audience data and tweak accordingly.

iii) Compelling Narrative

Finally, having a strong narrative seems to be critical in capturing an audience. For example, the State of Attention report which surveyed over 2000 individuals found that 9/10 participants expressed that either a strong narrative or the story behind the presentation is critical to engagement, hence likelihood to act. So, being able to tell a story and capture audiences’ emotion will also capture their attention.



Why reach out to Millenials?

Millennials face many difficulties, from student debt to getting on the property ladder, all while earning less than previous generations. Considering this, Millennials are contributing a proportionately large amount to donations. Millennials are also in the line to inherit the most to date. Combined with the fact that we become more generous over the course of our lives means Millennial’s are quickly becoming a ‘donation generation’. With the right tools, this makes millennials a perfect generation for nonprofits to reach.

The Tool

Donaco is a tool that reaches out to this audience by capitalising on the above three elements. Through integrating a simple donation platform into content that readers are already paying attention to; it allows action at the moment of intent. Instead of reading a post for instance; about aid relief for a natural disaster, shutting down the article and then trying to search for a relevant charity before being distracted, readers can donate there and then. Our widget further makes the entire donation process simpler and quicker. These aspects together reduce the otherwise large drop off rate of donation completion and counteract our distraction society by allowing donations at the moment of intent.

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